Overview & History


The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP) is an initiative with many related projects all working together to help achieve the vision of President Gregory L. Fenves for a more effective, efficient, and excellent University. Our aim is to modernize the University’s administrative systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture to allow the University to continue to grow and innovate in a sustainable environment, directing more resources to our core mission of teaching, research, and service.


Historically, the University’s administrative systems were mostly comprised of in-house (UT-developed) custom applications and some commercial packages. Although considered to be “cutting edge” when developed, the existing toolsets are near the end of their natural lives, creating a need to migrate to more modern systems that provide greater support for the University’s academic and research missions.

ASMP is the realization of a Master Plan developed in 2010 and approved in 2012. Workday was selected to replace the University’s human resources (HR), payroll, and financial systems in 2013.


The scope of ASMP includes:

  • Implementing Workday as the new integrated HR, payroll, and financials system
  • Implementing a new administrative system technical architecture
  • Supporting units as they transition more than 1,000 applications off the University’s mainframe
  • Enhancing and expanding our data management strategy and Institutional Data Store
  • Implementing the UTLearn Training Management System for employees and compliance training
  • Implementing the MyUT web portal for students, faculty, researchers, and staff
  • Implementing a new Student Information System (SIS)
  • Providing communication, training, and user readiness activities to support units in a smooth transition