HCM/Payroll Readiness Coordinator Directory


The Readiness Coordinator Network is comprised of University employees that provide a critical link between ASMP and Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) to help ensure CSUs are well-prepared for new administrative systems. Each College, School, or Unit has identified at least one Readiness Coordinator for the areas of HCM/Payroll and Financials. Below is a list of HCM/Payroll Readiness Coordinators and the CSUs they represent. Visit the Financials Directory for a list of Financial Readiness Coordinators and the CSUs they represent. 


Business Area Subunit Readiness Coordinator Contacts
Cockrell School of Engineering   Jessica Chamberlain
Chemical Engineering Cindy Figueroa
College of Education   Sally Dee
Angie Hoffman
CJ Keudell
College of Fine Arts   Gustavo San Miguel
Timothy Creswick
Warren Whitaker
College of Liberal Arts (COLA)   Kim Biar
Gail A. Davis
Kim Snyder
College of Natural Sciences (CNS)   Lori Hamilton
Hanna Kim
Ricardo Medina
Chemistry Danielle Nestler
  Patty Romano
College of Pharmacy   Debra Madden
Nicole Toomey
Dell Medical School   Amanda Janecek
Lauren Wolfe
    Sophia Ortiz
Karen Sacratini
Intercollegiate Athletics   Stormie Wilfong
Jackson School of Geosciences   Mike Valdez
Terry Newman
LBJ School of Public Affairs   Cindy Brewer
LeNa Chung-Cantrell
McCombs School of Business   Beth Egbert
Moody College of Communication   Janice Daman
RT Fehlhafer
Beth Van Riper
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (EVPP) All Departments Caitlyn Collins
Ashley Nemec
Academic Personnel Services (APS) Tinley Hald
Office of the President   Anne Steele
Internal Audit Chris Taylor
University Development Melissa Ferrell
Office of the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Business Contracts Ebony Robles
Information Technology Services (ITS) Kayle Daley
Connie DiVincenzo
Payroll Services Sharon Hinkle
Treasury, Records, Risk Management, & Administrative Services Kristin Dillon
Michael (Ryan) Tucker
Office of the Vice President for Research   Cindy Brown 
Dotty Frasch 
Liza Scarborough 
Terisha Thomas 
Applied Research Lab (ARL:UT) Lyssa Heine 
Kathi Kaderka 
Debra Smith
Jennifer Danford Tuttle 
IC2 Institute Chrissi Guerrero 
Institute for Computational Engineering and Science (ICES) Fatima Bridgewater
Office of Industrial Engagement Matthew Howard
Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Sara Bernier 
Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) Tracy Hatfield 
TX Advanced Computing Center (TACC) Katie Cohen
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs   Donna Bellinghausen
Cathy Kinsey
  Monica McBroom
Dean of Students Cheryl Pyle
Division of Housing & Food Service (DHFS) Alan Carlson
Erica Guerra
Arthur Sneed
Johnny Sundrani
University Health Services (UHS) Tracy Brzozowski
University Unions Bob Lawrence
Office of the Vice President for University Operations Campus Safety and Security Bethann Woods
Central Human Resources Regina Garza
Christine Maldonado
Cynthia Nguyen
Rebecca Parks
ITS ASMP, ATS, Accounting & Financial Management, Treasury, Records, Risk Management, Procurement and Payment Services, Information Quest, Financial Information System, Information Security Office Jessica Perea
Parking and Transportation (PTS) Chelsea Gomez
Pickle Research Center Commons Building Lisa Nault
Technology Resources (TRecs) Stephanie Dussault
University Operations Michael Zieschang
University Operations Human Resource Services (UO-HRS) Chrystal Riley
Dawn Sample
Angela Schoolar
UT Police Department Amy Weidmann
School of Architecture (SOA)   Sarah Wu
Josette Lehman
Wildflower Center Kathy Borowski
School of Information (iSchool)   Dona Kurtz
School of Law (Texas Law)   Susan Farias
Sylvia Hendricks
Jeff Toreki
School of Nursing   Charla Carrington
Margaret Hill
    Egidio Leitao
Office of Associate Dean for Research Carol Lewis
Undergraduate Studies (UGS)   Tamela Walker
Crystal Dumbeck