The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP) is an initiative with many related projects managed by several teams all working together to modernize the University’s administrative systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture. Learn more about the ASMP Projects.

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Workday is the cloud-based application the University has selected to replace our legacy human resources, payroll, and financial systems. ASMP is charged with designing, configuring, and implementing Workday for all of campus. Visit the University’s Workday website for more information and resources to help you prepare for this transition.

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Campus Readiness

The ASMP program represents the largest and most impactful modernization effort ever undertaken by the University. ASMP is engaging campus in many readiness activities to help ensure a smooth transition to new administrative systems, business processes, and technical architecture.


Technology & New Services

Although cutting edge when developed, the University’s existing tool sets are near the end of their natural lives, creating a need to migrate to more modern systems that provide greater support for the University’s academic and research missions. ASMP is rolling out a new technical architecture to provide campus with new tools to allow the University to continue to grow and innovate in a sustainable environment.


Retiring the Mainframe

While the University’s has served campus well for over three decades, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and has made it more difficult over time to recruit and retain top technical staff. Retiring the mainframe opens the University to modern, flexible, and configurable systems that can integrate with cloud-based, packaged, and custom applications.

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Data & Reporting

Part of the mission of ASMP is to improve the design and management of University institutional data to provide leadership with secure, stream-lined, and easily accessible data to support strategic decision-making. ASMP will achieve this goal through an emphasis on data continuity, data access, data governance, and by the creation of an Institutional Data Store.


MyUT Web Portal

MyUT is a web-based system for students to facilitate their interactions with the University during their entire life-cycle as a student and beyond. MyUT provides a customized experience that is mobile-friendly, personalized to our students, and socially engaging. An EID and UT wikis access is required


Student Information System

In addition to over-hauling the University’s administrative systems and business processes, ASMP will also coordinate the effort to select and implement a new Student Information System.

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As part of the modernization efforts currently underway across campus, the ASMP project has convened a Software Developer Training Program Customer Steering Committee (SDTP CSC) run by the Admin IT Delta Force. The SDTP CSC will work to evaluate the current training program and explore the needs that college, schools, and units (CSU) will have for programmers.