Data & Reporting

University data is a key strategic asset and access to institutional information is critical for operational, planning, and research purposes. ASMP is charged with improving the design and management of institutional data, providing new reporting tools, and working to develop new policies to support the use of data for strategic decision-making.

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The Institutional Data Store

The Institutional Data Store (IDS) is a collection of physical and virtual infrastructure, software, and data that serve as the enterprise repository for historical, trend, and cross-functional data. Managed by the Information Quest (IQ) team, the IDS will house a subset of all institutional data that may exist at the University. Learn more about the IDS.

Workday Reporting

In the future, Workday is expected to be the primary site to get current business information for HR, payroll, and financials. Workday provides robust reporting and data visualizations embedded in its system far beyond our current capabilities. Learn more about Workday reporting.

Data Management Committee

The Data Management Committee is responsible for the implementation of Data Management Standards, development of Data Access Governance policies, and the development of roles and access rules. Learn more about the Data Management Committee.

UTLearn Reporting

UTLearn, the University’s employee training management system, is the authoritative source for compliance and training data going forward and will replace TXClass and the Compliance Training System (CTS). Learn more about UTLearn.

Reporting Activities and Updates

This page provides early access to some preliminary tools to help prepare your unit for a changing data landscape. A Reporting Portal is under development and is not yet live. The future Reporting Portal will allow users to determine the correct sources for reports, provide crosswalk materials from legacy systems to new systems, and provide definitions for data elements. An EID is required to access this page.

Our Teams

Improving access to institutional data is a major undertaking and requires collaborative work across several teams. Learn more about the teams leading these efforts.

Enterprise Data Management

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) team ensures the availability and integrity of authoritative institutional data in support of critical, strategic, and operational functions throughout ASMP and beyond. The EDM team also is working to bring new data access tools and methods to campus along with clear data governance policies and procedures.

Application Modernization

The Application Modernization (App Mod) team is coordinating and supporting the University-wide effort to transition more than 1,000 applications off the University mainframe. The App Mod team has worked with units across campus to inventory mainframe applications and help determine solutions and timelines for replacing those applications.

Information Quest (IQ)

ASMP is partnering with the Information Quest (IQ) team to leverage and transform the Institutional Data Store and IQ data services to achieve our mutual goal of supporting the use of data for strategic decision-making. Learn more about IQ.