Retiring the Mainframe

While our university mainframe has served us well for many decades, our once-leading technologies are now out of sync with the industry and are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. By retiring this mainframe, ASMP is paving the way for current technologies and new tools that will help the University continue to grow and innovate in a sustainable environment.

Workday Logo


Workday is the cloud-based application the University has selected to replace our legacy human resources, payroll, and financial systems. Workday will be replacing numerous mainframe systems, including HRMS, FRMS, and DEFINE.



UTLearn is the University’s new employee training management system, which is replacing mainframe systems such as TXClass, the Compliance Training System (CTS), and numerous departmental training shadow systems. UTLearn Phase 1 was launched in April 2016.


College, School, and Unit (CSU) Roadmaps

Coordinating the University-wide effort to transition more than 1,000 applications off the University mainframe is a major undertaking. ASMP is working across campus to encourage collaboration between units with similar needs when purchasing new solutions to minimize duplicative systems and assist the University in realizing cost savings. Each CSU has been asked to draft a roadmap which outlines the schedule for transitioning mainframe applications to modern infrastructure by purchasing cloud-based or on-premise solutions.


Admin IT Wiki

The Admin IT Wiki is a collection of resources from ASMP about new technology and services with information about application modernization and decommissioning, integrations, UTLearn, MyUT, and outreach to the Administrative IT community. Visit the Wiki to find resources, including timelines, terminology definitions, contact information, FAQs, events, and more.

Admin IT Newsletter

The Admin IT Newsletter is a biweekly newsletter for the IT community which provides updates and information about ASMP developments, including new technology and services, important dates and upcoming events, opportunities for departments to get involved with the program, and useful resources. Subscribe to the Admin IT Newsletter, below.

Application Modernization Wiki

This wiki includes information about purchasing software from a vendor, lists of common applications across campus, inventory and roadmaps for University administrative systems, tips, resources, and templated. Request access to this wiki by emailing