Student Information Systems

ASMP has been charged with selecting and implementing a new Student Information System (SIS), a software package that will manage student-related data and business functions. The new SIS will include data and management of student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, student records, registration, student finance, and other related functions.

SIS Slide

Student Information System Kick-Off

This video and presentation provide an overview of the project scope, goals, and assumptions, along with a description of the SIS Selection Advisory Group and its activities.

Student Information

SIS Selection Steering Committee

ASMP has convened a Student Information System (SIS) Selection Steering Committee comprised of faculty and staff from a cross-section of University departments to lend their expertise to the selection of a system.

Our Team


Student Administration

The Student Administration team will coordinate the effort to select a new Student Information System. The SIS team has convened an SIS Advisory Group and an SIS Selection Steering Committee. The Student Administration team is also responsible for implementing myUT, the Online Student Experience Portal.