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Although cutting edge when developed, the University’s existing tool sets are near the end of their natural lives, creating a need to migrate to more modern systems that provide greater support for the University’s academic and research missions. ASMP is rolling out a new technical architecture to provide campus with new tools to allow the University to continue to grow and innovate in a sustainable environment. Below is more information on new offerings and services.

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Workday is the cloud-based application the University has chosen to replace its legacy Human Resources (HR), Payroll, and Financial systems. Workday has a modern user interface, low cost of ownership, and robust data and reporting capabilities. Workday Go Live is slated for June/July 2017.

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UTLearn is the University’s first campus-wide employee training management system, which provides employees with greater autonomy in managing training, has dynamic searching, and will integrate with Workday so that complete training for UTLearn can be viewed in Workday.

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DocuSign is the University’s provider of “common good” e-signature capabilities and will allow users to send, sign, and approve documents electronically. The breadth of uses for DocuSign on campus is diverse, from the secure delivery of official University documents such as transcripts and housing contracts, artist and consultant agreements, room reservations and catering, all the way to managing the approval process for complex legally binding contracts.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

ASMP is also implementing a new set of systems and tools for users which will modernize the University’s IT. These services include updated resources for developers, including database hosting, virtual machines, and monitoring and metrics tools. With Technical Architecture services, the University will be able to support cloud, package, and custom applications for departments.


Admin IT Wiki

The Admin IT Wiki is a collection of resources from ASMP about new technology and services with information about application modernization and decommissioning, integrations, UTLearn, MyUT, and outreach to the Administrative IT community. Visit the Wiki to find resources such as timelines, terminology definitions, contact information, FAQs, events, and more.

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