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Software Developer Training Program Customer Steering Committee

As part of the modernization efforts currently underway across campus, the ASMP project has convened a Software Developer Training Program Customer Steering Committee (SDTP CSC) run by the Admin IT Delta Force. The SDTP CSC will work to evaluate the current training program and explore the needs that college, schools, and units (CSU) will have for programmers. The CSC will also design and develop an approach that will support the IT Administrative community in utilizing common IT tools, methods, and processes.

The Admin IT Delta Force is leading the effort to evaluate and propose a redesign for UT’s approach to IT training for both new and existing members of the Administrative IT community in a way that will meet the changing needs of campus now and in the future. The Delta Force is responsible for increasing community awareness of Technical Architecture Infrastructure (TAI) services, coordinating training opportunities for the new TAI services, and redesigning the current training program to incorporate new TAI services.

The SDTP CSC is responsible for representing the needs of the university as a whole and the changing needs of CSUs in light of the new tools and services that the ASMP brings to campus. The scope of this redesign effort focuses on recruiting and hiring new developers, orientation, training, and continuing education for our Admin IT staff.

The SDTP CSC includes representatives from stakeholder groups across campus including ASMP, Budget, College of Liberal Arts, Development, Financial Information Systems, Housing and Food, Information Quest (IQ), IRRIS, ITS Applications, ITS Systems, Office of Financial Aid, Registrar, and Technology Resources.

The CSC is committed to maintaining transparency about the work being done. Agendas will be released monthly, as will formal documents. The CSC will also provide periodic updates to keep the community informed on developments and progress.

The launch of the redesigned training program is set to take place in fall of 2017.