The HCM/Payroll project is coordinating and supporting the University-wide effort to replace the existing human resources and payroll system with Workday, a modern, cloud-based system. The HCM/Payroll team works with many campus stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts across campus to lend expertise in the configuration and design of Workday.


Financial Management

The Financial Management team is coordinating and supporting the University-wide effort to replace the existing financial system with Workday, a modern, cloud-based system. The Financials team also is developing new business processes and a Financial Data Model, a multi-dimensional structure of Workday that will replace our traditional Chart of Accounts.


Enterprise Readiness

From planning to implementation to operation, the Enterprise Readiness team is providing the tools, resources, and reinforcement needed to support the University in a smooth transition to new business processes, new systems, and a new technical architecture. This team leads communications, user readiness and training activities, and acts as a sounding board to collect information and feedback from campus.

Digital Architecture

Technical Architecture

The Technical Architecture team provides the production and development environments for the University to support cloud, package, and custom applications for administrative units and their interfaces. University administrative developers can focus their IT skills on solving business problems, not deciphering architecture, tools, and environments.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

The Application Modernization (App Mod) team is coordinating and supporting the University-wide effort to transition more than 1,000 applications off the University mainframe. The App Mod team has worked with units across campus to conduct inventory of mainframe applications and help determine solutions and timelines for replacing those applications.

Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) team ensures the availability and integrity of authoritative institutional data in support of critical, strategic, and operational functions throughout ASMP and beyond. The EDM team also is working to bring new data access tools and methods to campus along with clear data governance policies and procedures.


ERP Technical

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Technical Team provides the programmatic connections between Workday and other systems. These connections could be with vendors, non-mainframe applications, the Institutional Data Store, or mainframe applications.

Student Administration

Student Administration

The Student Administration project will coordinate the effort to select and implement a Student Information System (SIS). In addition to a new system information system, the Student Administration project is responsible for implementation of the Student Online Experience Portal, called the "myUT" portal.