Application Modernization

The Application Modernization project is coordinating and supporting the University-wide effort to transition more than 1,000 applications off the University mainframe. Working with units across campus, our team has inventoried mainframe applications, and assisted many CSUs in drafting a roadmap outlining a schedule for transitioning their applications.

Current Status:

  • We are developing guidelines, templates, and checklists for decommissioning applications and sharing them with Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs).
  • We are working with CSUs to add detail to the application inventory.
  • We are continuing to start collaboration groups between CSUs with common application needs, such as Appointment Scheduling and elections.
  • We have launched new communication channels for the Administrative IT community including an IT Readiness Coordinator Network, an Admin IT Wiki, and an Admin IT Newsletter


Admin IT Wiki:

Visit the Admin IT Wiki for developers for information on new services, new technical architecture, and important information on the retirement of the university mainframe.

Subscribe to the Admin IT Newsletter, where we provide biweekly updates on new tools and services, mainframe decommissioning, and IT at the University.

Application Decommissioning Assistance:

The App Mod team will support Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) in their application decommissioning efforts by:

  • Providing guidelines for application decommissioning, including checklists, templates, best practices, and utilities to help CSUs organize their efforts. When this information is available, a link will be posted here.
  • Reviewing the decommissioning planning packets as they are submitted by CSUs. The packets are composed of a Decommission Plan and Schedule and a Record Disposition and Data Management Plan. The review includes ensuring the major elements of each plan are included, vetting the plan with the Administrative IT Leadership group to understand how each CSU’s decommission plan may affect other campus units, and sharing the plan with the rest of campus.
  • Connecting groups that need to discuss their decommission plans with other CSUs.
  • Monitoring progress by documenting the CSU's plans and tracking mainframe metrics.
  • Using the decommission information in coordination with all ASMP service releases, including Workday, UTLearn, MyUT, etc. to ensure go-live preparedness and to make a recommendation to executive leadership on the readiness for turning off the mainframe.

Roadmap Assistance:

About Application Modernization:

As part of the Application Modernization project our team will:

  • Assist with the overall coordination of application transitions throughout the ASMP program (with the exception of core ERP components).
  • Provide transition support to units across campus (e.g., guidelines, templates, checklists, tools, best practices, help resolving issues, design, etc.).
  • Facilitate cross-unit collaboration on common needs.
  • Assist in the transition of integrations to the Institutional Data Store (IDS) -- historical and cross-area data -- and to core ERP source systems as appropriate.
  • Provide analytics and tools to aid departments in retiring legacy applications.
  • Create and share metrics to track application retirement progress.
  • Survey campus readiness related to existing applications connected to the core ERP components.

For more information about ASMP Application Modernization activities, email the App Mod team at