Enterprise Readiness

From planning, to implementation, to operation, the Enterprise Readiness team is providing the tools, resources, and reinforcement needed to support the University in a smooth transition to new business processes, new systems, and a new technical architecture. Our team leads communications, user readiness and training activities, and acts as a sounding board to collect information and feedback from campus. Our ultimate goal is to help the University not only transition into new ways of doing business, but also transition into a new way of thinking about change.

Our team supports:

  • HCM/Payroll and Financials as they work to update the University's business processes and replace the existing Human Resources, payroll, and financial systems with Workday, a modern, cloud-based system
  • Technology Architecture by coordinating technical transition activities such as role and skill set analysis and training for developer and operational staff
  • Enterprise Data Management as they work to ensure continued availability of high-quality institutional data to support enhanced decision-making
  • Application Modernization as they transition over 1,000 applications from the mainframe
  • Student Administration in their efforts to implement a new student administration system and a new University portal

Current Status:

The Workday implementation program is currently undergoing a reset. For more information, please read the article “Update on the ASMP & Workday Reset”

More on the Readiness Coordinator Program:

Each CSU has identified at least one Readiness Coordinator for the areas of HCM/Payroll and Financials. Business-focused Readiness Coordinators were nominated by members of the HCM/Payroll Advisory Group and the University Business Officers Council (UBOC). Readiness Coordinators play a key role in helping their CSUs facilitate and coordinate ASMP activities, including:

  • Communicating Program information to their CSUs
  • Providing ASMP feedback on proposed changes
  • Gathering critical information from their CSUs to inform new system configurations and processes
  • Attending early training and participating in user acceptance testing
  • Coordinating training for their CSUs
  • Supporting the users in their CSUs

We encourage you to reach out to your CSU's Readiness Coordinator Network for more information on ASMP.

HCM/Payroll Readiness Coordinator network

Financial Readiness Coordinator network

IT Readiness Coordinator network

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