ERP Technical

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Technical Team provides the programmatic connections between Workday and other systems. These connections could be with vendors, non-mainframe applications, the Institutional Data Store (IDS), or mainframe applications. The team first focused on identifying HCM/Payroll integrations and is now in the early stages of addressing Financials integrations. The team will:

  • Design and build key integrations between Workday and other systems
  • Provide data to the Institutional Data Store (IDS) to serve data management and reporting needs
  • Seek to minimize the disruption to administrative systems during the transition so efforts can be focused on application modernization

Current Status:

The ERP Integrations team has completed the Plan stage for HCM/Payroll, which involved meeting with 22 areas on campus and compiling an extensive list of integrations with the current HR and Payroll systems. We are now in the Plan stage for Financials and the Architect stage for HCM/Payroll, where we are:

  • Identifying future integrations to be built
  • Identifying design patterns for future integrations
  • Identifying crosswalks that will be needed to translate between old and new data
  • Conducting pilots to determine the best way to build key integrations
  • Conducting design sessions for specific integrations

For more information about ASMP ERP Integration activities, watch the Aug. 12 Integrations Update FYI, watch the Oct. 29, 2014 ERP Integrations FYI, or contact the Integrations Team at

Data Conversions Team:

The Data Conversions team is responsible for transforming and loading University institutional data into Workday tenants The team will :

  • Work with the Functional teams to ensure that the legacy data is correctly mapped to Workday
  • Work with the Functional team to correct any issues found in their data validation efforts
  • Test to ensure that the business rules obtained from the functional teams are being correctly implemented
  • Test to ensure that the correct population of legacy records is being loaded to Workday
  • Create code to programmatically load the data such that the load of data into Workday is repeatable from tenant to tenant
  • Work with the IDS and reporting teams regarding the data being loaded to Workday

Current Status:

The Data Conversions team is currently engaged in designing and writing code for uploading Financials data in the current Workday tenant, determining scope for the next tenant build, and planning for the final data conversion for the tenant UT will being going live with in 2017.