Student Administration

Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) selection project will select the best-fit SIS for UT. The SIS will manage student-related data and business functions. The system will include data and management of recruitment, admissions, financial aid, records, registration, student finance, and other related functions for both undergraduate and graduate students. Options will be assessed on total cost of ownership, unit and enterprise level strategies, resource requirements, integration ease with other systems, ability to manage data to answer strategic questions, and ease of use for students, faculty, and staff.

Current Status:

  • An SIS Selection Steering Committee has been formed and is meeting monthly to answer strategic questions about the project’s timeline, policies, and software selections.
  • We have convened an SIS Advisory Group comprised of faculty and staff from a cross-section of University departments to lend their expertise to the selection of a system.
  • The team hosted on-campus vendor demonstrations and invited colleagues from peer institutions to join on us campus to talk about their experiences.
  • We are progressing through focus groups in the areas of student recruitment and admissions, Financial Aid and Student Billing, Student Records, Academic Advising, Registration, and Analytics and Reporting.
  • Although we have not yet selected a Student Information Systems (SIS) software package, Student Administration representatives are providing input to Workday for functionality that may be included in future Workday releases.


"MyUT" University Portal:

In addition to a new system information system, the Student Administration project is responsible for implementation of the MyUT University portal. The University has selected LookingGlass from CampusEAI as the portal vendor.

MyUT is a UT branded, customized web based portal system for the UT community. For students, it will facilitate interaction with UT Austin from their first contact to their alumni status. MyUT will be the evolution of UT Direct and many current web sites and will become the main landing page for students, faculty, staff, and researches throughout its rollout.

Current Status:

  • MyUT version 1 is being built to support Students. Initial roll out is happening with incoming Students during 2016 summer orientation sessions. This initial version will not only support the delivery of a Student portal but will also provide the foundational elements of the portal for other roles on campus (i.e. single sign on, content delivery based on role).
  • During 2016, work to design the initial Instructional Faculty, Researcher and Staff versions of MyUT will begin and will continue through 2017, being implemented in phases.


Our team has convened a University Portal Advisory Group who provides expertise in the areas of technology, standards, and strategy for the portal project.

Technical information is available for the campus community at